Robert Dockins

Contact Info

Department of Computer Science
Portland State University
P.O. Box 751
Portland, OR 97207

Office: FAB 120-13
E-Mail: robdockins AT fastmailDOTfm


I am currently postdoctoral research associate at Portland State University. I am interested in programming languages, formal logics and proof methods for reasoning about programs.

In August 2012, I completed my PhD studies at Princeton University by defending my dissertation, entitled Operational Refinement for Compiler Correctness.

I was recently inducted into the Siebel Scholar Class of 2012! Siebel scholarships are awarded annually by the Siebel Foundation for academic excellence and demonstrated leadership to 85 top students from the world's leading graduate schools.

Academic Service



Spring 2011 I was an assistant instructor for COS 333: Advanced Programming Techniques.

Spring 2009 I was the preceptor for sections P01A and P03 of COS 126: General Computer Science.

Fall 2008 I was the assistant instructor (AI) for COS 441: Programming Languages.


I maintain a number of open-source projects, which you can find on this website. These programs and libraries are written in the language Haskell. Haskell is, among other things, strongly typed and purely functional.

In addition to the maintained projects above, I have a number of other unmaintained projects that people may nonetheless find interesting.